what we don’t know

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Now, I know exactly what you are thinking: Ha ha. Big Questions? Right. Like I need Wired to tell me what Earth’s core is made of. Or what noncoding DNA is for. Oh, and that “Riemann hypothesis”… is that one as unsolvable as the Poincaré Conjecture – the BS Mensa math problem that was just solved by a crazy recluse… in RUSSIA?”

aici aveti cele mai mari 42 intrebari din stiinta si ce se crede despre subiectul in cauza.

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  1. adik tacut vrea bani si nu stie cum sa ceara mai frumos. mdaaa
    dar nu e chiar mica suma.
    cred ca ideea i-a venit cand a citit ceva subiecte din postul asta

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  3. si intrebarile. chiar mi-ai gasit subiectul meu preferat: stiinta

  4. imi place noul look al blogului si vad ca ai pus poze. chiar arata bine. ps like the videos ;)