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Cei de la Valve au avut numai zombies în cap de vreo 2-3 ani încoace, că de când cu Episode Two n-am mai văzut decât Left 4 Dead 1 și 2, plus mulțimea de patch-uri și DLC-uri pentru acestea. Acum 2-3 zile însă, au apărut prin Portal câteva radiouri care transmiteau insistent niște semnale în codul morse. Nu mică ne-a fost mirarea când Valve a anunțat că este vorba despre Portal 2, sequel-ul excelentului puzzle game apărut acum 3 ani, odată cu The Orange Box.

GlaDOS is back – and she’s pissed.

Mind-bending puzzles, a charismatic villain, and a catchy theme song won us all over when Portal arrived in 2007. Valve was actually surprised by gamers’ emotional connection to Portal. The developer knew it had to follow it up with a sequel, and we just got our first look at it.

Valve says Portal 2 will be more story-heavy than the first. Our game begin with scenes from the wrecked Aperture science facility you explored in the first game. It’s apparently been a long time Portal ended (GlaDOS even says as much) and the destroyed facility is overgrown with plant life.

You apparently play as the same girl as the first game, because when GlaDOS wakes up she says, “Oh, it’s you.” GlaDOS rises from her grave, glares at you, and says, “It’s been a long time…I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster.” GlaDOS is definitely pissed at you. But the way Valve describes it, she desperately wants to have a relationship with you, and the only way she knows how is by testing you. She goes to work rebuilding the facility, repairing the walls and replenishing the companion cubes and sentry guns. The sentry guns are still hilarious.

Portal 2 has many new tools for you to utilize in order to escape the facility. Valve isn’t trying to make this a more difficult game than the first. But since it’s a much bigger game they can take more time training players on the many gameplay devices.

Two players can now work together to solve Portal’s puzzles. There are custom co-op challenges designed to be tackled by two people that will likely be more complicated than the single-player stages. Portal fans know that the entrance and exit portals have their own colors. The second player will now have unique colors that signify which portals are theirs, and Valve is currently experimenting with possibilities. Players can hop through each others’ portals. Co-op can be played locally in splitscreen or online. While playing online you can press a button to temporarily put the game in splitscreen so that you can see what your buddy sees — could be helpful in certain situations.

Portal 2 will arrive next year on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Mac. The PS3 version is a pretty big deal and was announced at Sony’s press conference (Valve has traditionally been averse to PS3 development). Valve says it isn’t planning any Move or stereoscopic 3D functionality for the PS3 version.

The first Portal had subtle ties to Half-Life 2. When asked, Valve wouldn’t comment on any Half-Life connections in Portal 2.

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