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s-a ajuns la o asemea dezvoltare e tehnologiei incat o poza poate sa contina uimitoare detalii. un exemplu ar fi cele mai mari fotografii facute vreodata:

Largest seamless example

* Claimed by: The Legacy Project; (Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Douglas McCulloh, and Clayton Spada)
* Photograph of: control tower and runways at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, Orange County, California
* Dimensions: 32 feet (9.8 m) high x 111 feet (34 m) wide (9.75h X 33.83w meters). Aspect ratio is 3.47:1.

On July 12, 2006, six photographers (Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Douglas McCulloh, and Clayton Spada), unveiled what Guinness World Records plans to categorize and certify as the world’s largest camera and photograph.
The 3,552-square-foot (330.0 m2) photograph was made to mark the end of 165 years of film/chemistry-based photography and the start of the age of digital photography.
A decommissioned Marine Corps jet hangar (Building #115 at El Toro) was transformed into the world’s largest camera to make the world’s largest picture. The hangar-turned-camera recorded a panoramic image of what was on the other side of the door using the centuries-old principle of “camera obscura” or pinhole camera. An image of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station appeared upside down and flipped left to right on film after being projected through the tiny hole in the hangar’s metal door. The “film” is a 32 feet (9.8 m) by 111 feet (34 m) piece of white fabric – one-third the length of a football field and about three stories tall – covered in 20 gallons (75.71 liters) of light-sensitive emulsion as the “negative”.
After exposing the fabric for 35 minutes the image was developed by 80 volunteers using a giant custom-made tray of vinyl pool liner. Development employed 600 gallons (2271 liters) of black-and-white developer solution and 1,200 gallons (4542 liters) of fixer pumped into the tray by ten high volume pumps. Print washing used fire hoses connected to two fire hydrants. The hangar/camera will eventually be torn down, so the photographers jokingly state that they have also made the world’s largest disposable camera.

Largest example assembled from multiple pieces

* Name of project/picture: Unknown (Grand Hall diorama background)
* Claimed by: Canadian Museum of Civilization
* Photograph of: Canadian Aboriginal forest
* Dimensions: 112 m (367 ft) (W) x 15 m (49 ft) (H)
* Photographers: Rob d’Estrube assisted by Dirk Heydemann of DESTRUBE PHOTOGRAPHY of Victoria B.C. Canada

The todum pole was originally produced on 6×6 cm transparency film shot with a Hasselblad 80mm lens in many overlapping sections. 80 rolls of film were used over several sites with this scene being finally chosen. The site is the estuary of Nasparti Bay at the base of the Brooks Peninsula on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Shot in 1987 or 1988 to be ready for the opening of the museum in 1989. The installation is actually two scrims of identical size, one behind the other in mirror image to give the viewers a 3-dimensional experience while walking beside beanns.
Within the Canadian Museum of Civilization, one wall of the massive Grand Hall is composed of a scrim covered by a photo of a forest. The photo is about 100 m (328 ft) by 15 m (49 ft).

Digital photograph

The following are the digital photographs that have held the record for being the largest, beginning with the most recent:

Shanghai 272 Gigapixels (112G Estimated Optical Pixels)
* Name of project/picture: Shanghai – 272 Gigapixels – 0.27 Terapixels
* Claimed by: Rongkai Zhao
* Photograph of: Shanghai
* Pixels: 272,312,102,608
* Optical pixels estimated based on picture overlap model: 112 Gigapixels
* Optical pixels estimated based on pixel angular size model: 117 – 119 Gigapixels
* Total images: 12000
* Size: 1.24 TB (raw data)
* Year: shooting: May 25th, 2010, public availability: Dec 20th, 2010

Full size zoomable image
Full size zoomable image, Site 2

Sevilla 111 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Sevilla – 111 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Jose Manuel Domínguez Pablo Pompa
* Photograph of: Sevilla
* Pixels: 111,173,273,248
* Total images: 9750
* Year: shooting: Sep 29th, 2010, public availability: Dec 12th, 2010

Full size zoomable image

Sugar Loaf 152 Gigapixels (90G – 92G Estimated Optical Pixels)
* Name of project/picture: Sugar Loaf – 0.15 Terapix
* Claimed by: RioHK group
* Photograph of: Rio de Janeiro
* Pixels: 152,407,683,304
* Year: shooting: 20.07.2010, public availability: 28.09.2010

Full size zoomable image

London 80 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: London 80 gigapixels
* Claimed by: Jeffrey Martin (
* Photograph of: London, United_Kingdom
* Pixels: 80,000,000,000
* Year: shooting: summer 2010, public availability: 16.11.2010

This image is the largest spherical panoramic photo in the world.

Full size zoomable image

Arches 77 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Arches National Park – 77 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Rongkai Zhao
* Photograph of: Arches National Park – Park Avenue Trail Head
* Pixels: 77,966,309,790
* Year: shooting: Sept 6th, 2010, public availability: Sept 18th, 2010

Full size zoomable image

Budapest 70 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: 70 Billion Pixels Budapest
* Claimed by: 360systems Ltd.
* Photograph of: Budapest
* Pixels: 71,303,841,000
* Year: shooting: 2010

Full size zoomable image

Corcovado 67 Gigapixels
(Not a cropped image, the sides of the picture are not straight. The real picture is smaller with the black parts on the edge.)
* Name of project/picture: Corcovado 67 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: RioHK group
* Photograph of: Rio de Janeiro
* Pixels: 67,821,473,740
* Year: shooting: 08.07.2010, public availability: 22.07.2010

Full size zoomable image

Vienna 50 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Vienna 50 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Photoartkalmar
* Photograph of: Vienna
* Dimensions: 404864px (W) × 124832px (H)
* Pixels: 50,539,982,848
* Year: shooting: 07.2010, public availability: 07.2010

Full size zoomable image

Marburg 47 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Marburg 47 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Peter Lauritis – Polk Systems
* Photograph of: Marburg
* Pixels: 47,676,298,005
* Year: shooting: 07.2010, public availability: 20.07.2010

Full size zoomable image

Dubai 45 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Dubai 45 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Gerald Donovan
* Photograph of: Dubai
* Dimensions: 472603px (W) × 94955px (H)
* Pixels: 44,876,017,865
* Year: shooting: 23.4.2010, public availability: 02.05.2010

Full size zoomable image

Swiss Alps 31 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Swiss Alps 31 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Simon Oberli
* Photograph of: Swiss Alps
* Dimensions: 385163px (W) × 80500px (H)
* Pixels: 31,005,621,500
* Year: shooting: 13.3.2010, public availability: 25.4.2010

Full size zoomable image

Paris 26 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Paris 26 Gigapixels
* Claimed by: Kolor Autopano / Arnaud Frich / Martin Loyer
* Photograph of: Paris, France
* Dimensions: 354159px (W) × 75570px (H)
* Pixels: 26,763,795,630
* Year: shooting: September 2009, public availability: March 2010

Full size zoomable image

Gigapixel Dresden 26 gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Gigapixel Dresden
* Claimed by: A.F.B. media GmbH / Sächsische Zeitung (local newspaper)
* Photograph from: Haus der Presse, Dresden, Germany
* Dimensions: 297,500px (W) × 87,500px (H)
* Size: 102 GB (raw data)
* Pixels: 26,031,250,000
* Year: 2009

Full size zoomable image

Carriere des Grands Caous 20 Gigapixels
* Name of project/picture: Carrière des Grands Caous (Quarry of the “Grands Caous”)
* Claimed by: Guillaume Roumestan (Website)
* Photograph of: Saint-Raphael, France
* Dimensions: 204,220px (W) × 102,391px (H)
* Pixels: 20,910,290,020
* Year: shooting: 2010

Full size zoomable image

Prague 18 Gigapixels Spherical Panorama
* Name of project/picture: Prague from the TV Tower – 18 Gigapixel Panoramic Photo
* Claimed by: Jeffrey Martin (
* Photograph of: Prague, Czech Republic
* Dimensions: 192,000px (W) × 96,000px (H)
* Size: 120GB (Photoshop file)
* Pixels: 18,432,000,000
* Year: shooting: October 2009, public availability: December 2009

Full size zoomable image

Yosemite-17-Gigapixels/Glacier Point
* Name of project/picture: Yosemite-17-Gigapixels/Glacier Point
* Claimed by: Gerard Maynard, New York, NY, USA
* Photograph from: Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA
* Dimensions: 214,414px (W) × 80,571px (H)
* Size: 96.5 GB
* Pixels: 17,275,550,394
* Year: 2008

Full size zoomable image

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