The Onion’s Extremely Accurate History of the Internet

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The Onion has collected decades of research, corralled hundreds of experts, and clicked millions of mouse buttons to bring you the most definitive and most important video series in the world: The Onion’s Extremely Accurate History of the Internet! (daca intalniti erori -> “Refresh” si continuati)

Part 1: Humanity's Terrible Past—50.000 Years Without WiFi

Part 2: Computers—The Thing You Need To Make the Internet

Part 3: The Roaring 90's—Tech Stocks Gone Wild

Part 4: Y2k—A Civilization Rises From The Ashes

Part 5: Social Networks—Better Than Real Friends

Part 6: Interactivity—Joining the Conversation About Hitler

Part 7: Smart Phones—The Technology Bricks That Changed Our Lives

Part 8: The Internet's Future—The Inhuman Road Ahead

a nu se lua in serios!

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    recomand acest bine documentat documentar (hi hi!) oricui are bunavointa sa vizioneze cate 5 minute de ‘informatie pura’. daca nu era in titlu si ‘extremely accurate’ cred ca n-ar fi fost la fel de funny.