summer special illusion – 10 video illusions

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  1. The Hollow Face Illusion is probably one of the most amazing optical illusions. The original head of Albert Einstein was created by the sculptor Bryan Parkes and the manufacturing process was managed by David Burder. This is a 1.5 times life size version of Albert Einstein’s face, since the illusion works best when the head is slightly larger than life size.
  2. It might look like an ordinary mirror to you, but it isn’t. The image it creates is consisted of tilting 100s of small reflective squares, that display an image that is seen through a video camera. As the user walks towards the mirror the squares start to tilt creating the moving magnified image.
  3. This is a really cool hallucination video. It’s a variation of pinwheel animation.
  4. The device in the video creates the illusion that a simple stream of water droplets can defy the known laws of physics. With controlling a set of flickering LEDs, the dripping water can appear to slow down, freeze in mid-air, and even reverse in direction. Amazing!
  5. This one is called Jastrow illusion. It is an optical illusion discovered by the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow in 1889. As you see these two objects, even though appear different in sizes, they are actually exactly the same!
  6. The video shows you a continuous motion of chosen objects found in this funny booklet. It works in quite simple way, and I’m more than sure you’ll have no problem figuring this out.
  7. The video explains many interesting illusions.
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  8. This illusion itself greatly resembles one of the most popular illusions ever – the little green dragon illusion.
  9. This video clip below is originally named “A journey in a world of paradox and illusion”, and shows you a story of a little paper-boy and his trip to optical illusion book. It’s somehow sad – shows you, that you cannot always get what you want, and there is something that is always holding you back, which makes you go back to start.
  10. This shadow sculpture of a motorcycle is built entirely out of welded forks, knives, and spoons. Fukuda creates a 3D object in which the shadow, as opposed to the actual form, represents the actual object. Fukuda says that it is extremely difficult to create a three-dimensional object in this fashion that allows light to evenly penetrate in this fashion. This piece utilizes 848 pieces of cutlery.


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