8.Life in the Undergrowth

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8.Life in the Undergrowth (2006)

Size per part: 698 MB

Number of parts: 5

Runtime per part: 49 mins

Video codec, Bitrate & resolution: Xvid , ~1700 KB/s, 656×368

Audio codec, bitrate & sampling: AC3, 192 KB/s, 48 kHz

Movieinfo: imdb

Additional Information:

Open your eyes to the bizarre, ferocious and surprisingly beautiful world of the invertebrates. Join David Attenborough on his ground-breaking exploration into a spectacular miniature universe never normally seen but teeming all around us. Not just bugs and beetles, but exotic cicadas, neon glow worms, intricate silk-weaving spiders and bat-eating centipedes — not to mention a whole host of other incredible life forms and intimate, startling behavior. Thanks to technical innovations in lighting, optics and computerized motion control this turbulent, super-organized world is finally revealed from the perspective of its extraordinary inhabitants. These creatures may be minuscule, but they live life on a truly grand scale.

Episode 1 – Invasion of the Land (49m) titrare RO

Episode 2 – Taking to the Air (49m) titrare RO

Episode 3 – The Silk Spinners (49m) titrare RO

Episode 4 – Intimate Relations (49m) titrare RO

Episode 5 – Supersocieties (50m) titrare RO


Special Feature – Fly On The Wall-Making Life In The Undergrowth (45m)
Special Feature – Interview with Mike Salisbury (30m)



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