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Who needs a part-time job driving for Uber or selling their old junk on eBay? YouTube has become a booming business in the last decade, with ordinary Joes raking in some serious cash while people tune into their channels.
And while your uncle in Toledo thinks he’s going to send his kids to college with his witty vlogs where he showcases his specially designed ice cube trays, he’s going to have a tough time making bank like some of these YouTube stars who are on the cutting edge of a whole new business model.
Just take a look for yourself and consider giving up that eBay business because maybe, just maybe, the real money is here.

1: The Guy Focused On Minecraft

2: The man who makes money by eating just about anything in front of the camera

3: The 8-year-old who makes over $1 million a year playing with toys in front of a camera

4: The faceless YouTube star that makes $20 million dollar per year unwrapping Disney toys

5: The 18 year old who is making millions just from posting her shopping videos on YouTube

6: The virtual David Beckham who makes money on YouTube playing FIFA

7: The Guy Who Reacts To Games As He Plays Them

8: The guy who quit his job to upload Minecraft videos on YouTube

9: The amateur filmmaker turned multimillionaire thanks to YouTube

10: The cute brothers who made over $100,000 from finger biting video