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ATENTIE! toate jocurile prezentate sunt destinate sistemelor de operare Windows, de la XP in sus si au fost testate pe cel putin unul dintre ele. de asemenea, tot materialul a fost scanat cu doi antivirusi diferiti; nu contine virusi sau elemente malitioase. in mod normal se recomanda instalarea acestor jocuri cu internetul si antivirusul oprit, deoarece daca antivirusul blocheaza sau sterge automat vreun fisier, va trebui sa o luati de la inceput cu download, pe urma dezarhivare si pe urma instalare.

IS YOUR RAM GOOD FOR BREEDING?If so, see to it that you keep him in your service for a long time. You never know what use the next one will be. And one thing is certain: No breeder can afford a ram like Sven these days. After all, sheep exploding out of pleasure are rather counter-productive. Sven – probably the most potent sheep in the world – has been on a repeated mission to spread happiness and content among sheep.

colectia completa de jocuri (7) cu Sven

colectia completa de jocuri (29) dezvoltate de catre Reflexive Inc.


Ricochet Xtreme

Ricochet Lost Worlds

Wik & The Fable Of Souls

Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged

Big Kahuna Reef

Mosaic – Tomb of Mystery

Big Kahuna Reef 2 – Chain Reaction

Monarch – The Butterfly King

Ricochet Infinity

The Great Tree

Airport Mania – First Flight

Buid In Time

Music Catch

Swarm Gold

Costume Chaos

A Fairy Tale

Sprout’s Adventure

Simplz: Zoo

Bigfoot – Chasing Shadows


Wispa Forest

Bloodline Of The Fallen – Anna’s Sacrifice

Airport Mania 2 – Wild Trips

Matches & Matrimony – A Pride And Prejudice Tale

Big Kahuna Reef 3

intreaga colectie de jocuri de la Reflexive contine inca 3 jocuri. deoarece nu pot fi incadrate in categoria “small” ele nu au ce cauta in aceasta sectiune. pentru a fi completa aceasta colectie, ele pot fi mentionate:

– Star Trek – Away Team (+700MB)

– Zax – The Alien Hunter (+500MB)

– Lionheart – Legacy Of The Crusader (+900MB)


in cazul in care nu reusiti sa deblocati vreunul dintre jocuri, aici aveti un pachet de unrgenta universal.



aceasta este cea mai buna selectie (50) de jocuri flash pe care le puteti juca oriunde si oricand, ele neavand nevoie de descarcare si instalare.
Use Boxmen
Learn to Fly
This Is The Only Level
This Is The Only Level TOO
Achievement Unlocked
Achievement Unlocked 2
Lucky Tower
Cargo Bridge
Music in Motion
ClickPLAY 2
Multitask 2
This is a Work of Fiction
The Arrow Of Time
Flying Candy
Elephant Quest
Battle Paint
The I of It
The Game
Reimagine :The Game:
Short Circuit
Learn to Fly 2
Kill Me
Upgrade Complete
Vector Conflict The Siege
Ricochet Kills 2
Magnetic Rush
Missilebreak Outvaders
Pursuit Of Hat
Take Something Literally
Gap Monsters
Tasty Planet
Tasty Planet – DinoTime
Rocket Santa
Icy Gifts
This is the Only Level 3
William and Sly
William and Sly 2


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